Match panton dining chairs white easily with everything

Match panton dining chairs white easily with everything

A mix-and-match dining set might be the answer if you’re stuck on a choice
However, you can’t just throw any pieces our white chairs will help you
Because they are easily matched with everything

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But The Panton Chair is revered throughout the annals of modern furniture design as a true icon

1959 was the year that Verner Panton came up with the idea for the chair, and he worked closely with Vitra to develop it for mass production (1967)

It was the first chair made entirely of plastic to feature a cantilever design and to be made in a single piece

Since it was first made available to consumers, it has gone through a number of iterations of the manufacturing process

Since 1999, it has been possible to produce the chair in a manner that is consistent with its initial conception
It is now made of long-lasting plastic that has been dyed through and features a lustrous matt finish

The cantilever structure of this chair, along with its anthropomorphic form and use of a material that is only slightly flexible, contribute to the chair’s overall level of comfort

It is suitable for use both inside and outside, and can be utilized singly or in groups

Additionally, it is adaptable to a variety of environments
The Panton Chair is featured in the collections of a variety of prestigious museums around the world and has been recognized with a number of prestigious international design awards

 Match panton dining chairs white easily with everything

Because of the expressive form it possesses, it has developed into an icon of the 20th century

The perfect chair can be a work of art; consequently, it is essential to put in some effort when searching for the chair that best suits your needs

Design is present in everything that interests us
The ingenuity of our design determines not only how our furniture looks and feels but also how well it functions and how long it will last

Since the beginning of our company, Panton has collaborated with many of the most well-known creatives in the industry, and it’s no secret that this is something we take a great deal of pride in

When it comes to finding the perfect dining chair for your house, you can find everything you need in our comprehensive Buying Guide for Dining Chairs

We will walk you through the essential dining chair measurements, highlight the benefits of the various dining chair styles that are available, and provide you with all the information you will require regarding the maintenance and cleaning of your dining chairs

Let’s get right down to it because we have a lot of helpful information that we want to share with you

How to get the perfect fit for your dining chair

When determining the dimensions of a dining chair, there are a few essential factors that must be taken into account

This encompasses the dimensions of your room, the proportions of your table, as well as the ease of movement for both you and your guests

It’s possible that a chair that works wonderfully with one table won’t be the best choice for another

Because of this, it is essential to look for a chair that is suitable for both you and the space that you have available
Having said that, the following are the essential dimensions of a dining chair:

 Match panton dining chairs white easily with everything

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This is measured all the way down from the very top of the chair to the ground below it
It is imperative that you check this measurement because the results will be very different depending on the chair

Chairs with lower backs will help open up your dining area, while chairs with higher backs will create the appearance of a more closed-off and formal setting

Width of the Seat This is the measurement taken from one side of the seat to the other
This will tell you how wide the chair is and how many chairs you will be able to fit around your table based on the width of the chair

Height of the Seat This is the height of the chair from the ground up to the bottom of the seat; it is measured from the bottom of the seat up

This is a very important measurement to take in order to determine how well your chairs will fit underneath the dining table that you select

The distance from the front of the seat to the back is how the depth of the seat is measured
This distance represents how far back an individual can sit on the seat

Back Height
This does not represent the overall height of the seat; rather, it is the height of the backrest alone

The height of the seat back has a significant impact on both the style of the chair and the support it provides

This measurement indicates how much square footage, also known as a “footprint,” the seat takes up on the floor

In a manner comparable to that of seat width, this factor will assist you in determining the total number of chairs that can be arranged around your table

Did It cross your mind?

An anthropometric measurement known as the “buttock popliteal length” is utilized in the process of determining seat depth

An anthropometric measurement is a measurement of the human body
This is the horizontal distance that measures from the most posterior part of the buttocks all the way down to the back of the lower leg

As a consequence of this, the depth of mass-produced chairs, such as those found in schools and public places, for example, is typically between 38 and 43 cm

The depth of many dining chairs, on the other hand, will be significantly greater than this in order to provide an even higher level of support and comfort

When it comes to white plastic dining chairs, the ideal seat height is achieved when there is a distance of between 26 and 30 centimeters (cm) between the top of the seat and the top of the table

If the height of your chair from the floor to the top of the seat is between 46 and 51 centimeters, it will fit nicely under a table of standard height while still providing ample space for your legs

Remember that chairs with a large cushion might have a higher overall seat height, so you will need to leave some space for the cushion to compress if you choose to sit in one of these chairs

It is recommended that if you are looking for a white chair consider a back height of between 30 and 40 centimeters if you want adequate support for your lower back

 Match panton dining chairs white easily with everything

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Some dining chairs, like our Ida, Delta, and Finn dining chairs, will have a wider base than others, and as a result, they will require additional space all the way around the table

Always make sure to check the measurements, and if they aren’t listed, don’t be afraid to ask about them! If you are familiar with your product’s dimensions before it is delivered, you won’t have to worry about whether or not it will fit in the space you have available

How to determine which dining chair design is right for you

Because there are so many different styles, you have a lot of room for innovation when it comes to selecting your very own fashionable seat

However, if you ask yourself the following four questions, you will be able to concentrate your thoughts and narrow the scope of your search:

How often do you plan to use the chairs at your dining table? If your dining room serves as the centerpiece of your home’s social life and you intend to use the chairs on a daily basis, you should select a material that is both durable and simple to clean

 Match panton dining chairs white easily with everything

Our chairs are designed to withstand regular use, but proper cleaning and upkeep of the material will always be important factors to take into account

How long do you anticipate remaining seated in this chair? This will assist you in making a decision regarding the shape of the chair as well as the support it provides

A dining chair that provides ample support when seated and features a well-padded seat, high back, or armrests is a good choice to make if you want to maximize your level of comfort during those long conversations that take place after the meal

Everything you need to know to select the ideal dining chair for your own home is included in this guide
Since you are now prepared with all of the information that you might require, why don’t you go to our website and take a look at some of the fantastic dining chairs that we have available?


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 Match panton dining chairs white easily with everything

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